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CD # Show Titles
SARR-001 48-05-06 Stage from Calvados (aka Framed)
48-12-16 The Doctor and the Quack
SARR-002 49-01-02 The High Mountains
49-03-14 Band Of The Red Feather
SARR-003 49-03-24 Land of Our Fathers (aka Uprising)
49-07-18 Crooked Trail
SARR-004 49-08-08 The Chase
49-12-08 Big Talk
SARR-005 50-01-07 Wagon Train of Doom
50-02-07 Sands of Gold
SARR-006 50-03-09 Scourge
51-01-04 The Wasteland (aka Tenderfoot Land Swindle)
SARR-007 51-06-21 Long Summer
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Howard Culver - Straight Arrow old time radio show.
Howard Culver as Steve Adams
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The show first aired on the West Coast Don Lee Network, May 6, 1948 - Jun. 21, 1951, also via the Mutual Network Feb. 7, 1949 - Jan. 30, 1950.

Others appearing on the show were Fred Howard as Packy McCloud and Gwen Delano as Mesquite Molly.

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