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CD # Show Titles
MMN-001 A. 43-02-03 Russian Restaurant Murder
B. 43-10-06 The Letter
MMN-002 A. 44-01-26 Literary Murder
B. 44-02-02 Mistaken Countess
MMN-003 A. 44-07-19 The Norths Get Wired for Sound
B. 47-07-01 Audition - Picnic
MMN-004 A. 47-07-15 Milk Run
B. Mr and Mrs North 50-01-03 Filed Skate
MMN-005 A. 50-12-00 Who Killed Mr Stefano
B. 51-01-30 Charles Wyatt Murder
MMN-006 A. 52-03-11 Don't Cry Wolf
B. 52-03-25 Die Hard
MMN-007 A. 53-00-00 Man With A Rifle
B. 53-00-00 No Vacation From Murder
MMN-008 A. 53-06-30 Coat Of Arms
B. 53-07-07 The Comic
MMN-009 A. 53-07-14 Bet On Murder
B. 53-08-04 The Diamond Noose
MMN-010 A. 53-09-29 House Of Hate
B. 53-10-06 Brother Danny
MMN-011 A. 53-10-20 Masquerade
B. 53-10-27 Run Away From Murder
MMN-012 A. 53-11-03 Hostage
B. 53-11-10 Death Comes in Cans
MMN-013 A. 53-11-24 Shoot To Kill
B. 54-02-02 Cry Foul
MMN-014 A. 54-02-09 Collectors Item
B. 54-09-19 Operation Murder
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Joseph Curtin, Alice Frost - Mr. and Mrs. North old time radio show.
Joseph Curtin as Jerry North, Alice Frost as Pam North

Richard Denning, Barbara Britton - Mr. and Mrs. North old time radio show.
Richard Denning as Jerry North, Barbara Britton as Pam North
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The show had a long run, first being aired by NBC, Dec. 30, 1942 - Dec. 18, 1946. It then moved to CBS, Jul. 1, 1947 - Apr. 18, 1955.

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