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CD # Show Titles
JD-001 A. 48-12-07 Milford Brooks III, Audition
B. 49-02-11 Parikoff Policy
JD-002 A. 49-03-04 William W.Perry Case
B. 49-03-11 Murder on a Merry-Go-Round
JD-003 A. 49-04-22 Case of Barton Drake
B. 49-08-21 The Prize Hog Bodyguard
JD-004 A. 49-10-01 The Fishing Boat Affair
B. 50-03-21 Man Who Wrote Himself to Death
JD-005 A. 49-10-22 Witness, Witness
B. 49-10-29 Little Man Who Wasn't There
JD-006 A. 49-11-05 South Sea Island Affair
B. 49-11-12 Case of Melanie Carter
JD-007 A. 49-11-26 Skull Canyon Mine
B. 49-12-03 Bodyguard to Anne Connelly
JD-008 A. 49-12-10 Circus Animal Show Matter
B. 49-12-17 Haiti Adventure Matter
JD-009 A. 49-12-24 How I Played Santa Clause
B. 50-02-03 Loyal B Martin Affair
JD-010 A. 50-02-10 SS Malay Trader Ship
B. 50-02-17 Mr. and Mrs. Arbuthnel Trump
JD-011 A. 50-02-24 The Dissappearance of Bruce Lambert
B. 50-03-03 Robert W.Perry Case
JD-012 A. 50-03-07 The Youthful Millionaire, Alec Jefferson
B. 50-03-14 Eighty-Five Little Minks
JD-013 A. 50-03-28 Missing Masterpiece
B. 50-04-04 Big Red School House
JD-014 A. 50-04-11 Dead First-Helpers
B. 50-04-25 Pearl Carrasa Matter
JD-015 A. 50-05-02 The Abel Tackett Matter
B. 50-05-09 Harold Trandom Matter
JD-016 A. 50-05-16 Sidney Rykoff Matter
B. 50-05-23 Earl Chadwick Matter
JD-017 A. 50-05-30 Port- Au-Prince, Haiti Matter
B. 50-06-06 Carisio Diamond Matter
JD-018 A. 50-06-13 Arrowcraft Matter
B. 50-06-22 The London Matter
JD-019 A. 50-06-29 The Barbara James Matter
B. 50-07-06 Bello-Horizonte Railroad Matter
JD-020 A. 50-07-13 The Calgary Matter
B. 50-07-20 Henry J. Unger Matter
JD-021 A. 50-08-03 The Blood River Matter
B. 50-08-10 Hartford Alliance Matter
JD-022 A. 50-08-17 The Mickey McQueen Matter
B. 50-08-31 Virgina Beach Matter
JD-023 A. 50-10-07 Richard Splane Matter
B. 50-10-14 Yankee Pride Matter
JD-024 A. 50-10-21 Jack Madigan Matter
B. 50-10-28 Joan Sebastian Matter
JD-025 A. 50-11-11 Adam Keg Matter
B. 50-11-18 Nora Faulkner Matter
JD-026 A. 50-12-16 Blackburn Matter
B. 51-01-13 Port O'Call Matter
JD-027 A. 51-01-20 David Rocky Matter
B. 51-02-24 Jarvas Wilder Matter
JD-028 A. 51-03-03 Celia Woodstock Matter
B. 51-03-10 Stanley Springs Matter
JD-029 A. 51-03-24 Byron Hayes Matter
B. 51-03-31 Jackie Cleaver Matter
JD-030 A. 51-04-07 Edward French Matter
B. 51-04-14 Mickey McQueen Matter
JD-031 A. 51-04-21 Willard South Matter
B. 51-04-28 Month End Raid Matter
JD-032 A. 51-05-05 Virginia Towne Matter
B. 51-05-26 Lillis Bond Matter (rehearsal)
JD-033 A. 51-06-02 Sodaberry Maine Matter
B. 51-06-16 Arthur Boldrick Matter
JD-034 A. 51-06-23 Malcom Wish, MD Matter
B. 51-06-27 Hatchett House Theft Matt
JD-035 A. 51-07-11 Fairway Matter
B. 51-08-01 Horace Lockhart Matter
JD-036 A. 51-08-22 Leland Case Matter
B. 51-09-19 Cuban Jewel Matter
JD-037 A. 51-09-26 Protection Matter
B. 51-11-03 Hannibal Murphy Matter
JD-038 A. 51-12-08 Youngstown Credit Group Matter
B. 51-12-29 Alma Scott Matter
JD-039 A. 52-01-05 Glenn English Matter
B. 52-07-02 Amelia Harwell Matter
JD-040 A. 53-01-30 Kay Bellamy Matter
B. 53-02-06 Chicago Fraud Matter
JD-041 A. 53-04-07 Enoch Arden Matter
B. 53-04-21 Dameron Matter
JD-042 A. 53-04-28 San Antonio Matter
B. 53-05-05 Blackmail Matter
JD-043 A. 53-07-14 Shayne Bombing Matter
B. 53-07-28 James Forbes Matter
JD-044 A. 53-10-20 The Allen Saxton Matter
B. 53-10-27 The Howard Arnold Matter
JD-045 A. 54-03-09 Terrified Taun Matter
B. 54-07-13 Carboniferous Dolomite Matter
JD-046 A. 54-07-27 Radioactive Gold Matter
B. 54-09-05 Hampton Line Matter
5-Part 15-Minute Daily Shows
JD-047 A. 55-10-10 Molly K Matter ep.1
B. 55-10-11 Molly K Matter ep.2
C. 55-10-12 Molly K Matter ep.3
D. 55-10-13 Molly K Matter ep.4
E. 55-10-14 Molly K Matter ep.5
JD-048 A. 55-10-24 The Alvin Summers Matter ep.1
B. 55-10-25 The Alvin Summers Matter ep.2
C. 55-10-26 The Alvin Summers Matter ep.3
D. 55-10-27 The Alvin Summers Matter ep.4
E. 55-10-28 The Alvin Summers Matter ep.5
JD-049 A. 55-10-31 Valentine Matter ep.1
B. 55-11-01 Valentine Matter ep.2
C. 55-11-02 Valentine Matter ep.3
D. 55-11-03 Valentine Matter ep.4
E. 55-11-04 Valentine Matter ep.5
JD-050 A. 55-11-07 Lorcoe Diamonds Matter ep.1
B. 55-11-08 Lorcoe Diamonds Matter ep.2
C. 55-11-09 Lorcoe Diamonds Matter ep.3
D. 55-11-10 Lorcoe Diamonds Matter ep.4
E. 55-11-11 Lorcoe Diamonds Matter ep.5
JD-051 A. 55-11-14 Broderick Matter ep.1
B. 55-11-15 Broderick Matter ep.2
C. 55-11-16 Broderick Matter ep.3
D. 55-11-17 Broderick Matter ep.4
E. 55-11-18 Broderick Matter ep.5
JD-052 A. 55-11-21 Amy Bradshaw Matter ep.1
B. 55-11-22 Amy Bradshaw Matter ep.2
C. 55-11-23 Amy Bradshaw Matter ep.3
D. 55-11-24 Amy Bradshaw Matter ep.4
E. 55-11-25 Amy Bradshaw Matter ep.5
JD-053 A. 55-11-28 Henderson Matter ep.1
B. 55-11-29 Henderson Matter ep.2
C. 55-11-30 Henderson Matter ep.3
D. 55-12-01 Henderson Matter ep.4
E. 55-12-02 Henderson Matter ep.5
JD-054 A. 55-12-12 Lansing Fraud ep.1
B. 55-12-13 Lansing Fraud ep.2
C. 55-12-14 Lansing Fraud ep.3
D. 55-12-15 Lansing Fraud ep.4
E. 55-12-16 Lansing Fraud ep.5
JD-055 A. 55-12-19 Nick Schoen Matter ep.1
B. 55-12-20 Nick Schoen Matter ep.2
C. 55-12-21 Nick Schoen Matter ep.3
D. 55-12-22 Nick Schoen Matter ep.4
E. 55-12-23 Nick Schoen Matter ep.5
JD-056 A. 55-12-26 Forbes Matter ep.1
B. 55-12-27 Forbes Matter ep.2
C. 55-12-28 Forbes Matter ep.3
D. 55-12-29 Forbes Matter ep.4
E. 55-12-30 Forbes Matter ep.5
JD-057 A. 56-01-09 The Todd Matter ep.1
B. 56-01-10 The Todd Matter ep.2
C. 56-01-11 The Todd Matter ep.3
D. 56-01-12 The Todd Matter ep.4
E. 56-01-13 The Todd Matter ep.5
JD-058 A. 56-01-16 Ricardo Amerigo Matter ep.1
B. 56-01-17 Ricardo Amerigo Matter ep.2
C. 56-01-18 Ricardo Amerigo Matter ep.3
D. 56-01-19 Ricardo Amerigo Matter ep.4
E. 56-01-20 Ricardo Amerigo Matter ep.5
JD-059 A. 56-01-23 Duke Red pt.1
B. 56-01-24 Duke Red pt.2
C. 56-01-25 Duke Red pt.3
D. 56-01-26 Duke Red pt.4
E. 56-01-27 Duke Red pt.5
JD-060 A. 56-01-30 Flight Six Matter ep.1
B. 56-01-31 Flight Six Matter ep.2
C. 56-02-01 Flight Six Matter ep.3
D. 56-02-02 Flight Six Matter ep.4
E. 56-02-04 Flight Six Matter ep.5
JD-061 A. 56-02-13 Qui Bono Matter pt.1
B. 56-02-14 Qui Bono Matter pt.2
C. 56-02-15 Qui Bono Matter pt.3
D. 56-02-16 Qui Bono Matter pt.4
E. 56-02-17 Qui Bono Matter pt.5
JD-062 A. 56-02-20 The Bennett Matter Pt 1
B. 56-02-21 The Bennett Matter Pt 2
C. 56-02-22 The Bennett Matter Pt 3
D. 56-02-23 The Bennett Matter Pt 4
E. 56-02-24 The Bennett Matter Pt 5
JD-063 A. 56-02-27 Fathom Five Matter pt.1
B. 56-02-28 Fathom Five Matter pt.2
C. 56-02-29 Fathom Five Matter pt.3
D. 56-03-01 Fathom Five Matter pt.4
E. 56-03-02 Fathom Five Matter pt.5
JD-064 A. 56-03-05 The Plant Agent Matter pt.1
B. 56-03-06 The Plant Agent Matter pt.2
C. 56-03-07 The Plant Agent Matter pt.3
D. 56-03-08 The Plant Agent Matter pt.4
E. 56-03-09 The Plant Agent Matter pt.5
JD-065 A. 56-03-12 The Clinton Matter pt.1
B. 56-03-13 The Clinton Matter pt.2
C. 56-03-14 The Clinton Matter pt.3
D. 56-03-15 The Clinton Matter pt.4
E. 56-03-16 The Clinton Matter pt.5
JD-066 A. 56-03-26 Lamar Matter ep.1
B. 56-03-27 Lamar Matter ep.2
C. 56-03-28 Lamar Matter ep.3
D. 56-03-29 Lamar Matter ep.4
E. 56-03-30 Lamar Matter ep.5
JD-067 A. 56-04-09 Laird Douglas of Heatherstone Matter ep.1
B. 56-04-10 Laird Douglas of Heatherstone Matter ep.2
C. 56-04-11 Laird Douglas of Heatherstone Matter ep.3
D. 56-04-12 Laird Douglas of Heatherstone Matter ep.4
E. 56-04-13 Laird Douglas of Heatherstone Matter ep.5
JD-068 A. 56-04-16 Shepherd Matter ep.1
B. 56-04-17 Shepherd Matter ep.2
C. 56-04-18 Shepherd Matter ep.3
D. 56-04-19 Shepherd Matter ep.4
E. 56-04-20 Shepherd Matter ep.5
JD-069 A. 56-04-30 Callicles Matter ep.1
B. 56-05-01 Callicles Matter ep.2
C. 56-05-02 Callicles Matter ep.3
D. 56-05-03 Callicles Matter ep.4
E. 56-05-04 Callicles Matter ep.5
JD-070 A. 56-05-07 Silver Blue Matter ep.1
B. 56-05-08 Silver Blue Matter ep.2
C. 56-05-09 Silver Blue Matter ep.3
D. 56-05-10 Silver Blue Matter ep.4
E. 56-05-11 Silver Blue Matter ep.5
JD-071 A. 56-05-14 Medium Matter eps.1
B. 56-05-15 Medium Matter eps.2
C. 56-05-16 Medium Matter eps.3
D. 56-05-17 Medium Matter eps.4
E. 56-05-18 Medium Matter eps.5
JD-072 A. 56-05-21 Tears of Night Matter ep.1
B. 56-05-22 Tears of Night Matter ep.2
C. 56-05-23 Tears of Night Matter ep.3
D. 56-05-24 Tears of Night Matter ep.4
E. 56-05-25 Tears of Night Matter ep.5
JD-073 A. 56-05-28 Matter of Reasonable Doubt ep.1
B. 56-05-29 Matter of Reasonable Doubt ep.2
C. 56-05-30 Matter of Reasonable Doubt ep.3
D. 56-05-31 Matter of Reasonable Doubt ep.4
E. 56-06-01 Matter of Reasonable Doubt ep.5
JD-074 A. 56-06-04 Indistructable Mike Matter ep.1
B. 56-06-05 Indistructable Mike Matter ep.2
C. 56-06-06 Indistructable Mike Matter ep.3
D. 56-06-07 Indistructable Mike Matter ep.4
E. 56-06-08 Indistructable Mike Matter ep.5
JD-075 A. 56-06-11 Laughing Matter pt.1
B. 56-06-12 Laughing Matter pt.2
C. 56-06-13 Laughing Matter pt.3
D. 56-06-14 Laughing Matter pt.4
E. 56-06-15 Laughing Matter pt.5
JD-076 A. 56-06-18 The Pearling Matter pts.1
B. 56-06-19 The Pearling Matter pts.2
C. 56-06-20 The Pearling Matter pts.3
D. 56-06-21 The Pearling Matter pts.4
E. 56-06-22 The Pearling Matter pts.5
JD-077 A. 56-06-25 Long Shot Matter pts.1
B. 56-06-26 Long Shot Matter pts.2
C. 56-06-27 Long Shot Matter pts.3
D. 56-06-28 Long Shot Matter pts.4
E. 56-06-29 Long Shot Matter pts.5
JD-078 A. 56-07-02 Midas Touch Matter ep.1
B. 56-07-03 Midas Touch Matter ep.2
C. 56-07-04 Midas Touch Matter ep.3
D. 56-07-05 Midas Touch Matter ep.4
E. 56-07-06 Midas Touch Matter ep.5
JD-079 A. 56-07-09 The Shady Lane Matter pts.1
B. 56-07-10 The Shady Lane Matter pts.2
C. 56-07-11 The Shady Lane Matter pts.3
D. 56-07-12 The Shady Lane Matter pts.4
E. 56-07-13 The Shady Lane Matter pts.5
JD-080 A. 56-07-16 Star of Capetown pts.1
B. 56-07-17 Star of Capetown pts.2
C. 56-07-18 Star of Capetown pts.3
D. 56-07-19 Star of Capetown pts.4
E. 56-07-20 Star of Capetown pts.5
JD-081 A. 56-08-06 Adler Matter pts.1
B. 56-08-07 Adler Matter pts.2
C. 56-08-08 Adler Matter pts.3
D. 56-08-09 Adler Matter pts.4
E. 56-08-10 Adler Matter pts.5
JD-082 A. 56-08-13 Crystal Lake Matter pts.1
B. 56-08-14 Crystal Lake Matter pts.2
C. 56-08-15 Crystal Lake Matter pts.3
D. 56-08-16 Crystal Lake Matter pts.4
E. 56-08-17 Crystal Lake Matter pts.5
JD-083 A. 56-09-03 The Curse of Kamashek Matter pts.1
B. 56-09-04 The Curse of Kamashek Matter pts.2
C. 56-09-05 The Curse of Kamashek Matter pts.3
D. 56-09-06 The Curse of Kamashek Matter pts.4
E. 56-09-07 The Curse of Kamashek Matter pts.5
JD-084 A. 56-09-10 Confidental Matter ep.1
B. 56-09-11 Confidental Matter ep.2
C. 56-09-12 Confidental Matter ep.3
D. 56-09-13 Confidental Matter ep.4
E. 56-09-14 Confidental Matter ep.5
JD-085 A. 56-09-24 The Meg's Palace Matter ep.1
B. 56-09-25 The Meg's Palace Matter ep.2
C. 56-09-26 The Meg's Palace Matter ep.3
D. 56-09-27 The Meg's Palace Matter ep.4
E. 56-09-28 The Meg's Palace Matter ep.5
JD-086 A. 56-10-01 Picture Postcard Matter ep.1
B. 56-10-02 Picture Postcard Matter ep.2
C. 56-10-03 Picture Postcard Matter ep.3
D. 56-10-04 Picture Postcard Matter ep.4
E. 56-10-05 Picture Postcard Matter ep.5
JD-087 A. 56-10-08 Primrose Matter pts.1
B. 56-10-09 Primrose Matter pts.2
C. 56-10-10 Primrose Matter pts.3
D. 56-10-11 Primrose Matter pts.4
E. 56-10-12 Primrose Matter pts.5
JD-088 A. 56-10-29 Silent Queen Matter pts.1
B. 56-10-30 Silent Queen Matter pts.2
C. 56-10-31 Silent Queen Matter pts.3
D. 56-11-01 Silent Queen Matter pts.4
E. 56-11-02 Silent Queen Matter pts.5
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All those pictured here played the role of Johnny Dollar during the program's history. Mohr and Powell auditoned for the part only.

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